Is a non-profit, non-governmental charity organization, involved in helping underprivileged children, adolescents and old people. It was founded in 2004 by Albena Matova (BG) and Rients Boiten (NL) as a direct successor of Tabitha-2000 Foundation founded in 1999.



“To help the underprivileged help themselves”


Life has equal values. Aware of our responsibility toward the less fortunate and led by compassion and sympathy we:

  • Make good will actions that benefit people in need;
  • Provide relief and medical care for socially disadvantaged children and elderly;
  • Promote the personal development and education of the underprivileged children and adolescents;
  • Stimulate, motivate and aid gifted children, brought up in social home through higher level of education and career guidance;
  • Improve the living conditions in social homes through renovations and furnishing;
  • Increase social awareness toward the needs of the less fortunate children, disabled people and elders.


  • To get fully added value from our activities (and the support we receive);
  • To locate the needs of the socially disadvantaged and find solutions that will help them lead independent life;
  • To mobilize our organization to its future locating it in its environment, niche, “domain
  • To make sure that we are doing the right things, at the right time as well as doing them right;
  • To maximize the impact of our work on society


Company file No. 13413 / 2004
City of Sofia

Sofia City Court-Trade Department
Batch No. 11919, volume 231, page 105

Translation from Bulgarian
Charged: Signature
Round seal of Sofia City Court


City of Sofia, 15th December 2004


SOFIA CITY COURT, Trade Department, 1st Court Commission, at a close session on 15th December 2004,

Chairperson: S. Chervenkova

After hearing the reported Company file No. 13413/2004, and in order to pass judgement, took into consideration the following:

The proceeding was instituted under art. 489 from the Code of Civil Procedure, on the basis of letter of request under art.6, art.17 and art.18 from the Legal Persons on Non-Profit-Making Basis Act /State Gazette issue 81/6th October 2000.

It was instituted on the basis of letter of request of the persons, having produced their identity document, under art. 34, par.3, requesting entering of the foundation into the specialized court register of legal persons on non-profit-making basis.

On the basis of the written evidence submitted on the case, the court considers for ascertained the following:

By virtue of Articles of Association as of 17th November 2004, notary certified as required under art.33, par.2, it was established foundation TABITHA BULGARIA. For the purpose of Foundation’s establishment, it has been granted gratuitously property for achieving the non-profit-making basis nature of the foundation, as specified in art.5 from the Articles of Association.

The Articles of Association is in compliance with the requirements of art.34 from the Legal Persons on Non-Profit-Making Basis Act. Foundation’s bodies and representation have been formed. The aims of the Foundation render it to be an organization for performing activity in society’s favor. The aims of the Foundation are not prohibited by law and country’s constitution.

On the basis of the above said, ascertaining that there exist all prerequisites, that can be filed into court records, under art.496 from the Code of Civil Procedure, art.6, par.1 and art.18 from the Legal Persons on Non-Profit-Making Basis Act, SOFIA CITY COURT


Enters into Legal Persons on Non-Profit-Making Basis Register FOUNDATION named:


With registered office and management address city of Sofia, Sredets region, 24 Vasil Aprilov Str., apt.9

AIMS: To support the formation and development of highly humane and moral values in socially weak people, diseased children and young people; to support the social adaptation and the professional development of children and young people, living in orphanages and specialized schools for children of intellectual incapacity, socially weak families and self-providing mothers; to contribute to acquainting the said children and young people with the traditional values of Bulgarian society and European culture; to support the life status of socially weak families and socially weak old people living alone; to establish and support homes for old people on the territory of the country.

The means with which the foundation shall realize its aims are as follows:
The Foundation shall conduct activities for attracting donations, testaments and other gratuitous contributions on the part of physical and legal persons within the country and abroad, perform activity for accumulating sums and gaining property, invest these funds into real and personal property, share participation, capital companies etc., pursuant to the operative legislation, with regard to their preservation and increase.

The Foundation is not limited in time.
The Foundation is established for the purpose of performing activity in public favor.
The foundation is established by virtue of acts of donation to the amount of BGN 1000.00 /one thousand/.

Management bodies: Board of Directors, in composition of: Albena Ildova MATOVA, Identity No. 5404066252, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Rients Boiten, the Netherlands, passport No. 92902410, issued on 4th January 2000, Amanda Beata Karissa Daikstra, the Netherlands, foreigner’s identity card No. 711975459, issued on 24th April 2004 by Ministry of Interior, Marta Rangelova Ivanova, Identity No. 5003046977.

The foundation shall be represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Albena Ildova MATOVA, Identity No. 5404066252.

The court ruling cannot be a subject of appeal.

Judge: / signature illegible /

Truthful to the original
Signature illegible
Round seal of Sofia City Court, Republic of Bulgaria

I, the undersigned Svetlana Yordanova Hristova do hereby certify the veracity of this translation from Bulgarian into English of the enclosed document (Court Ruling as of 15th December 2004). The translation consists of three pages.

Translator: Svetlana Hristova


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