As ever in the last 5 years, Easter campaign was possible thanks to the generous donation of Stichting Promotion (NL). It gave us opportunity to organize the Easter celebrations and to provide eggs, colours, Easter bread, food for the Easter dinner and goodies to all the social institutions Tabitha Bulgaria Foundation supports.

We would also like to acknowledge the commitment of  Agnes van Uchelen and  Stichting Kindertehuizen Bulgarije “geloof, hoop&liefd (NL) which has always been supportive with the Easter campaigns  and of Help Tabitha’s guidance and involvement. The execution of the project was done by Tabitha Bulgaria Foundation team.

Albena is counting the                  George is loading the bus.
goods for the children

Over 500 underprivileged children and 100 elderly benefited by Tabitha’s Easter campaign 2016.  We provided for the orphanages, social complexes, CNSTs, Day Care Centers for disable children and for old people in Botevgrad, Doganovo, Dren, Dupnista, Gorski Senovets, Gourkovo, Mezdra, Pleven Razliv, Roman, Samokov, Stara Zagora,  Vratsa. We managed to cheer up  the dismal existence of many children and adults in need in the Eve of Easter.

Like every year we provided to all institutions eggs, colors and stickers to paint and decorate them, Easter bread, goodies, food, coca cola and juices. We also bought some Easter Cakes for the personnel of the institutions who were on duty on Easter. Our grannies were also not forgotten for the holy days.   Lamb meat and other alimentary were bought for the Sunday’s diner. Our days before Easter were very busy because we shopped every morning and then travelled to orphanages and homes to deliver the goods. The efforts were worth the joy and the smiling faces of the children.

What a fun is to color eggs!                 Delicious Easter bread!                       Easter eggs!

The Easter campaign included the following social institutions:

2 BOTEVGRAD CENTRES FOR ACCOMMODATION OF DISABLED CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE (60 km off Sofia )20 children and young people with serious mental and physical disabilities.   The children were moved last year to the newly built centers from the orphanages for disabled children and young people in Vidrare and Gorski Senovets.

We brought them Easter bread, eggs, colors and food.

DOGANOVO HOME (about 40 km off Sofia) – 30 children, aged 7- 19. The Home is 40 km off Sofia which gives many opportunities to the kids.

The children are happy to help with the boxes of Easter bread and to color the eggs!

DREN HOME- “JOY” , 20 children, aged 4 – 14, some  with disabilities. The institution is 60 km SW off Sofia.

What a joy is to have food for Easter diner!    The children get chocolate bunnies!

DUPNITSA  SOCIAL HOME – 50 children and adults 7- 19 years of age, accommodated at 2 Centres for accommodation of a family type and a social institution.

We brought them eggs, colors, Easter bread and meat for the children

GORSKI SENOVETS DAY CARE Centre for children with heavy disabilities “LITTLE SUN” – 30 children, aged 4-21. It is located 45 km off Veliko Tarnovo, NE Bulgaria.

The young people are coloring eggs and then enjoying Easter diner.

MEZDRA COMPLEX FOR SOCIAL SERVICES – for children with mental and physical disabilities, 100 km NW off Sofia ,(50 children, aged 4-21). It includes a Transitional house (8 children who are due to leave the institution and are learning life skills) and Protected house (6 young people who have left the institution and are learning social skills and professions and 3 CNSTs.

The young people from the Protected House are helping with the food, eggs and Easter bread.

PLEVEN INFANT HOME for Medico-Social Cares, 180 km NE off Sofia, (80  kids, aged 0-3, and  some older   with heavy disabilities). They got a lot of chocolate, eggs, Easter bread, meat and purees.

The butterfly girl with chocolate goodies! Some of the kids had only purees. They enjoy coloring eggs.

CENTRE FOR ACCOMMODATION OF A FAMILY TYPE – in Samokov, 60 km south offSofia, 14 children, aged 8-18.

All the children used to live in Doganovo orphanage before and were very happy to see that we were helping them in Samokov now. We bought them eggs, colors, Easter bread and sports tracksuits because other donor provided them with lamb and vegetables for the diner.

The kids are happy with food we brought. Colored eggs and sports tracksuits.

RAZLIV HOME St. Ivan Rilsky”– 48 children, aged 7-19 (few are slightly retarded) paint the eggs.

What a joy is to have Easter Bread and lamb meat for the feast!

ROMAN COMPLEX for social services “N.Vaptzarov” – 130 km NW off Sofia (50 children, aged

7-21, some with slight disabilities and 20 children with disabilities from the Day Care Centre for Roman region)

The children got Easter bread, meat and other substantial goods for Easter! Day Care centre made Easter decorations.

ROMAN COMPLEX FOR SOCIAL SERVICES FOR HADICAPPED CHILDREN (30 children with disabilities, aged 6-21). Most of the children and young people are heavily handicapped, mostly with mental disabilities.

The children colored the eggs and then had a nice feast with the food we brought them.

STARA ZAGORA(230 km SE from Sofia–) “THEOPHANO POPOVA” HOME (35 children a ged 7-19, few of them with retarded). We brought them eggs, colors, chocolates and a lot of meat for the children.  Our friends from BNP Paribas Cardif Bulgaria helped the kids color the eggs and then took them for a day out.

The children are coloring eggs and are happy with the Easter Bread, eggs and food we brought.

VRATZA HOME –Assen Zlatarov ,130 km NW off Sofia,(55 children, aged 7-20, 20 with slight disabilities). At the institution we have been providing literacy and music lessons.

We brought eggs, colors, food and fruit for Easter!       The child is colored with the first red egg.

We brought Easter bread, eggs and food.          The children are enjoying Easter.

DAY CARE CENTRE FOR OLDER PEOPLE IN ROMAN – 30 – 50 elderly. We organized an Eastern celebration for the elder people together with the children from Roman Home who performed for them. We distributed eggs, colors and Easter Bread for the old people.

The children from Roman Home colored eggs with the elderly from the Center.

ROMAN – soup-kitchen at the Day Care Centre for Elderly. It is financed by K&M LTD for 35 very low-income old people. We also provided for them for Easter.

We gave to the old people eggs, colors and Easter Bread and did not forget about the people who could not come to the Center.

STAR of HOPE – Protected house in Sofia – an apartment for girls. Most of the young people who were accommodated in the apartment were brought up in the social institutions our foundation works with works. Some of the young people had participated in the educational and vocational programs we organized and thanks to the training and support they graduated from university.

The girls colored the eggs and prepared great diner for Easter. What beautiful eggs!



With gratitude from Tabitha Bulgaria Team!