Thanks to the concern, understanding and generous support of the London Rotary Club in cooperation with Sofia Serdica Club, Tabitha Foundation fund 4 grannies at the social homes in Dupnitsa, Botevgrad, Vratsa and Samokov.

The “Baba” program connects retired women with children from social homes, two marginal groups craving for attention, love and social contacts. We hire local pensioners, mainly physically active women (former teachers, social workers, culture activists, nurses) for 3-4 hours a day to look exclusively after 2-3 children from a social institution like their real grandmothers.  Since most of the children are deprived of parental cares and have lived through great hardships, hunger and misery, the baba is a substitute for a family and safety. Some of the children are severely disabled and the granny’s support is a blessing for them.  The kids stand a better opportunity to be adopted or get foster parents. Grannies’ cares and affections give them a life chance!

Bringing together grannies with disadvantaged children is a simple concept that gives excellent results. Once the   emotional bond between the “baba”and the children is established, a significant improvement in the mental and physical development of children is observed.   The women also feel useful, appreciated and more self-confident and supportive.  Love and positive emotions work wonders for both groups! For their services, the grannies receive half the state minimum wages, which often exceeds their own pensions

BOTEVGRAD Centre for accommodation of a family type for children and young adults with severe disabilities. – Granny Yonka

DUPNITSA – Home for children deprived of parental cares – Granny Iren

B.Iren and the teenagers.      Our first granny and Rotary representatives

SAMOKOV Centre for accommodation of a family type – Granny Eli


VRATSA – Centre for accommodation for children with disabilities – Granny – Eleonora