Elderly from Roman municipality

In the last couple of years Tabitha Bulgaria Foundation has been tending to about 50 – 60 elderly from Roman municipality where their situation is heart breaking. After paying for their medicines the old people could hardly meet two ends together. They can barely afford to buy wood for the winter and live in cold rooms, their food supplies are scarce and they lack any socialization.

Day Care Centre for Elderly in Roman.

The project was initiated and financed by the Dutch Foundation MAX Maakt Mogelijt. The main idea of the project was to help and give support to old people in need. The implementation of the project became possible through the partnership of the Dutch donor, with “Help Tabitha” (NL) and Tabitha Bulgaria foundations.

“Bridge between generations”

In the last couple of years MAX foundation and “Help Tabitha” have provided winter packages for 50-60 low income, old people in Roman and firewood. The children from the social institution in Roman have helped us with packing and distributing. The old women taught the children to make “survaknitsi”.


Jan Slagter from MAX Foundation promised old destitute Tsvetanka that he would help her get a better home and he kept his promise. MAX Maakt Mogelijt provided a brand new mobile house for her with all facilities and utilities. There is running water and WC with a shower inside, small kitchenette and a living room for old Tsvetanka who had lost her children and husband. We gave her bed linen, detergents, pots and plates, winter package. This winter there is a Dutch-Canadian donor who will finance a soup kitchen for 30 old people with meager pensions at the Day Care Centre in Roman.

Holidays and traditions

The Centre was inaugurated by the famous Dutch journalist Jan Slagter. Ever since its opening, the Centre has been used regularly. Many holidays and traditions have been celebrated there. Thanks to Bulgarian American Association (BAS) we have launched a project “Bridge between generations” in which the children from the social institution in Roman have been helping each other with the older people in the Centre.