We are happy to inform you that Tabitha Bulgaria Foundation successfully completed the Christmas campaign 2016. More than 20 social institutions with 555 children and 125 low income older people (from Roman and the region) received presents, parties and warm food in the Eves of Christmas and New Year.
Thanks to the generous support and kind understanding of Tabitha Bulgaria’s donors, volunteers and fans we made the children and the elderly happy and radiant for the Christmas holidays. To cheer up the miserable existence of many underprivileged children and old people we covered more than 3000 kilometers in two, three weeks and were blessed by relatively good weather. The smiles on the children’s faces were the greatest reward we got. The gratitude and tears in the eyes of the old people were worth the efforts and were even more touching.


Like every Christmas in the last 6 years we received generous financial support from Stitching Promoties (NL) which has held the Bulgarian children’s fate at heart.  Without their understanding and help we would not have been able to organize the Christmas campaign to all institutions we worked with.  We would like to acknowledge Maarten Koel for his concern and commitment to the needs of the children in Bulgaria. The money was managed through Stichting Kindertehuizen Bulgarije “geloof, hoop&liefde (NL) and we greatly appreciated the personal involvement of Mrs. Agnes van Uchelen for the donation.

We would also like to say many thanks to G.O.A.L.(UK), Jody Kerr and their supporters’ fundraising initiative which also provided Chrismas money for 4 homes(Razliv, Pleven, Roman and Dren).

The kind moral and financial help from Orphan appeals (Ireland), specially to Catharine and Miriam’s commitment  was greatly appreciated. They always remember the children from Roman social homes. The staff from the Bank supervision of BNB did not forget the children from Razliv and donated a lump sum for their needs. We want to acknowledge the financial support and personal involvement of Maria  Deyanska from ‘K&M Investment Ltd and her great help in wrapping the presents and giving hand at the parties.

Once again Park Inn Hotel by Radisson Sofia team with the support of the General Manager, Ms. Andrea Kaiser set up a Christmas tree in the lobby of the Hotel with the Christmas wish- letters of the children from “T.Popova” Home  (Stara Zagora). Eventually they went to the orphanage and brought them  personally the cherished gifts to the kids.

The Christmas tree at Park Inn      St. Clause with the presents               Children enjoying the presents.

Tabitha foundation also appreciated the great New Year’s initiative of Ivan and Philip Matov and their friends who collected money at their New Year’s party and  provided for  Pleven medico-social home and . piano lessons for Iso,  an orphan who grew up in a social home but is now a student at the Conservatoire in Sofia      We would like to recognize the kind gesture of  Rayna van Aalst from Reina Organics (Nl) who donated organic cosmetic products for the personnel’s of the social institutions and for the young people who left the orphanages.

Money collected by Ivan &                            Cosmetics present     from Reina Organics (Nl)

Philip and friends’ imitative

We are grateful for the personal involvement of our families and friends who gave us a hand in packing the presents for the homes and cooking for IWC Bazaar. Special thanks to   Fashion Studio LMV and the cooking skills of Kati and her friends who made a huge amount of delicious cakes for IWC Bazaar. We also appreciated  the fantastic cooking skills of Maria Kubadinska and her wonderful group, and the support of the charming team of Customers’ Services Desk at ING Bank for IWC Bazaar.  Special acknowledgement to Iliana, Elena, Philip and Krissi, who helped us make it through the Christmas campaign in December 2016.

Tabitha Bulgaria also participated in the fund-raising activities in support of more Bulgarian children and people in need at the IWC Bazaar.

Bake Stall                          Ivan Dinev, the Mounth – famous rapper, shopping from Tabitha Stall.

Tabitha Bulgaria’s Christmas campaign in December 2016 started with the generous donation from the Foundation MAX Maakt Mogelijk (NL) for the old people with low income in the town of Roman and the region through “Help Tabitha (Nl) and the personal commitment of Rients Boiten. We also got some spare donation from IWC which allowed us to provide for 80 people winter packages with staple food: cooking oil, rice, beans, lentils, sugar, instant soups, macaroni, biscuits, jam, waffles and 2 m³ fire-wood per person.

The celebration was preceded by a lot of shopping

The elder children from the Roman social institution helped us make and distribute the packages. The misery in which the old people live is heartbreaking; their low incomes do not allow them to enjoy their old age. The  people were moved by the generous donation because it would help them living through the winter.

This Christmas MAX foundation also transferred money for a Christmas party for the elderly. We organized feast for 70 old people in Roman, including all the destitute people from the soup kitchen. Maria and Ken from ‘K&M Investment Ltd also supported the event. The kids from the orphanage performed at the party. The mayor of Roman attended the elder people’s Christmas party to pay them respect. He was tapped at the back for good health by one of the children.

The kids helped decorating the tree and performed for the elderly.  The Mayor was tapped for health.

The director of the social home and Maria helped with distributing the presents.

The elderly enjoyed the gathering, loved the presents and most of enjoyed the attention and respect they      received.  All the participants received different presents.

MAX donation and Tabitha’s efforts made the elderly happy with smiles on their faces.

The elderly enjoyed the opportunities to meet their peers and spent some time together in the Eve of Christmas

Thanks to PROMOTIE FOUNDATION (NL) we provided Christmas presents for all social institutions Tabitha Foundation works with. Some of the institutions got additional donations from other Tabitha’s   partners.

BOROVTSI (NW 130 km off Sofia), Study Centre for Boys with Bulgarian Child Foundation – vocational training unit which accommodates low income young adults who have left orphanages. There are 15 young men that study and get professions. We knew   most of the participants because they were brought up in Roman and Vratsa orphanages.

Meeting with the young guys and giving presents.

BOTEVGRAD CENTRES OF ACCOMMODATION OF A FAMILY TYPE – there are 20 children and adults, aged 6-25, some with serious mental and physical disabilities.  We brought them food for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, sweets and fruit. A donor gave a refrigerator for the Centre.

Christmas party                                 Refrigerator was donated

DOGANOVO – Home for children deprived of parental cares – 15 children, age 7-19. Their party was at “Pero” Café which provided excellent catering for the children.  The children performed with the famous Bulgarian actress Marta Vachkova. One of the boys entertained us with piano playing which he learnt by himself. We brought the children presents that made them very happy.

Children perform with the actress Marta Vachkova.  Excellent catering.           Self taught pianist

DRENHome for children deprived of parental cares “Joy” – 18 children, aged 2- 14 years.  We provided presents of their choice and the kids were really excited. With the support of G.O.A.L. we brought them food for the Christmas and the New Year ’s Eve. We also gave presents to our babas there.

St. Clause gave presents to the children.    We gave presents to our grannies too.

GORNA BANJA CENTRE FOR ACCOMMODATION OF A FAMILY TYPE – 14 teenagers, aged 14-18.            We provided them with cosmetic sets, distributed when they celebrated in the Eve of Christmas. There were all traditional dishes and a beautifully laid table.

Preparing the Christmas tree  /The table is laid / The children are happy with the presents.


DUPNITSA  SOCIAL HOME – 56 children and adults 7- 19 years of age, accommodated at several Centres for accommodation of a family type. We provided for them food for the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, warm slippers and some chocolates.

Presents for all children                          To baba as well                  Warm slippers!


GORSKI SENOVETSHome for handicapped children “Small Sun” –, aged 4-21, Day Care Centre – 25 children and young people. The children were very excited to participate in the Christmas party and to have a St. Clause who brought them presents. We also bought them mower to maintain the lawn in front of the.

St. Clause brought presents.  The children perform dances. The new mower!

MEZDRA  –  Complex for children with mental and physical disabilities (52 children and adults, age 4-25,  accommodated in 3 Centres, a protected house for 6 young people  and transitional home for 10 adolescents.  We provided food and fruits for the Christmas and New Year’s lunches and some Christmas sweets for the social units.

Party, dances, presents and food for all children and young people.

PLEVEN  – Home for medico-social cares (80 kids, 0 – 4,5 years,  more than half of them bed-ridden or with    serious mental and physical problems. The party was attended by St. Clause who distributed toys, sweets, and chocolates to the kids.  G.O.A.L. Inc provided also money for the party and presents.

The kids dance at the Christmas party and received presents from St. Clause.

.           RAZLIVHome for children deprived of parental cares “St. Ivan Rilski” – 40 children, aged 6-19. The children performed Bulgarian Christmas traditions, songs and dances. The children, who participated in the cooking lessons, financed by Stichting Kindertehuizen Bulgarije “geloof, hoop&liefde (NL) and their teacher had made delicious food for the party. The children got many presents, food and clothes. The children got new furniture for the living room from the Soest group (NL) and who renovated it and also from Bulgarian American Society.

Tabitha’s St.Clause!             Food for the parties.         Performing in front of Christmas tree.         Delicious dishes!

ROMAN –  Centre for social services for children and families “N.Vaptzarov” (5 Centres for accommodation of a family type and a transitional apartment for young people who are due to leave the institution, 80 children, 35 with disabilities) and 20 children from the Day Care Centre. Thanks to our friends from t Irish Orphan Appeal we organized a wonderful Christmas party for all children and the staff in a nice restaurant in Mezdra (30 km from Roman) like every year.  It was a day out of the institution and the children enjoyed every minute of it. The kids looked smart, well dressed with new clothes and they enjoyed the food in the restaurant.  The children surprised us with great performances. All expenses for the party, DJ, transport and the Christmas presents were covered.   We also made the children wonderful presents and sweets bags. Our donors from G.O.A.L. provided food for Christmas and New Year’s Eve diners.

Children performed.               Children enjoyed the party.              Presents for all.

SAMOKOV CENTRE FOR ACCOMMODATION OF A FAMILY TYPE. – 14 children, aged 9-16 years. We brought them presents, cosmetics and chocolates. They organize their party in the home and cooked themselves traditional Christmas food because they took lessons in cooking.

We brought them food and presents for the parties and the Christmas Eve.

STARA ZAGORA Home for children deprived of parental cares “THEOPHANO POPOVA” Home (30 children, age 7-19, few of them with serious mental problems).  Our partners from Park Inn Hotel made a big Christmas tree in their hotel with letters from the children and eventually brought  the kids their cherished  presents. We provided fruits, food and refreshments for the Christmas holidays. The children had prepared wonderful Christmas program with Bulgarian Christmas traditions, dances, and songs.

       The children got many presents! They have prepared wonderful programs for the Christmas party!

Shelter house in Sofia for adult girls, managed by Star of Hope Foundation. The flat is accommodated by young girls from Roman and Doganovo social institutions which Tabitha has supported. We provide  scholarships to the students, job opportunities and some financial aid to live on.

We brought them food which they prepared for the celebration of Christmas and New Year’s Eves!

VRATSA HOME for children deprived of parental cares ”Assen Zlatarov” ( 55 children, aged 6-19, few with mental problems.  At the Christmas party for the children, in a nice restaurant of their choice with open fire we brought many presents and chocolates.. We also had Christmas beautiful presents – new warm jackets, donated by Kathy Pardew via BAS. Rayna van Aalst from Reina Organics (Nl) sent cosmetics to be given to the personnel for Christmas.

VRATZA SOCIAL COMPLEX, consisting of 3 Centres for accommodation for disabled children   – 36  children and adults, aged 6 – to over 30 years.  We provided food and presents for them. The children were happy and enjoyed the party for Christmas. Though some were in invalid chairs they were also included in the celebration.

Food for the 3 Centres.             Kids enjoying celebration.            St. Clause gives presents.

                            MANY PRESENTS, HAPPY CHILDREN!



Happy new year 2017



                                                  /ALBENA & GEORGE/