Humanitarian relief

As a group of enthusiastic volunteers we started receiving and distributing humanitarian aid long before we set up Tabitha Foundation. In the last 17-18 years we have supported more than 30 – 40 orphanages and social institutions with food, medical supplies, clothes, shoes, furniture and bed linen.

Christmas and easter campaigns

Thanks to our donors from Promotie(Nl), Stichting Kindertehuizen Bulgarije ’geloof, hoop & liefde(NL), Help Tabitha(NL), Orphan Appeal(IE), Mums for babas(UK), Max Foundation (NL) we have organized Christmas and Easter Campaigns in the last 10 years. Our friends from Park Inn Hotel, Cardiff, IWC and private donors also give us a hand. We have provided food and presents for 600 – 1000 children and 100 old people. December and April are very busy months for Tabitha Bulgaria because we shop, make presents, travel thousands of kilometers, distribute them, organize and attend parties. The hard work and efforts are worth the happy, smiling faces of the kids.


Easter – we donated eggs, colors, decorations, meet, Easter bread and food for the Easter diner.