This year, the corona virus outbreak has changed things up, but we still managed  through the generosity and commitment of our  donors to organize  an enjoyable Easter break for over 600 underprivileged children and young adults from the social institutions  which Tabitha Bulgaria Foundation supports.

As ever we are indebted to Stichting Promotion (NL) for its understanding and contribution for the Easter holiday. We would like to express our personal gratitude to Mr. Maarten Koel, who never forgets the needs of the less fortunate children in Bulgaria at such holy days. We’d also like to acknowledge the timely donation of Mr.Ken Heather (UK) and the support of Tabitha Netherlands Foundation.  We tried to overcome the corona virus challenges and  to provide eggs, colours, Easter bread, food for the Easter dinner and goodies for the children in more than 15 social institutions.

The execution of the project was done by Tabitha Bulgaria Foundation team who speard no time or efforts to provide the social homes with all the necessary goods for a happy Easter.

A lot of shopping                                                         and checkpoints

Over 600 underprivileged children and young adults benefited by Tabitha’s Easter campaign 2020.  We provided Easter goods to orphanages, social complexes, Day Care-centers for disable children and CNSTs in Botevgrad, Berkovitsa, Borovan, Dren, Dupnista, Gorski Senovets, Mezdra, Pleven, Roman, Samokov, Star of Hope Foundation, Stara Zagora, and Vratsa. We managed to cheer up the dismal existence of many children and adults in need and challanged by the corona virus in the Eve of Easter.

Kids colored eggs

Thanks to generous donors the children had a wonderful Easter diner!


Tabitha’s  Easter campaign included the following social institutions:


2 BOTEVGRAD CENTRES FOR ACCOMMODATION OF DISABLED CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS (60 km off Sofia)22 children and young people with serious mental and physical disabilities.

We support 2 grannies there on our Baba grogram, financed by London Rotary and Lisa Freij family.  We brought them Easter bread, eggs, colors and lamb.

                  A lot of Easter Bread eggs and meat.                                        Beautifully decorated eggs!

BERKOVITSA – CNST 14 children and young adults, aged 10 – 18, 150 km NW off Sofia.

Easter bread, eggs, colours and food was greatly appreciated.

BOROVAN:  NW 150 km off Sofia – Centre of accommodation of a family type – 20 children and young adults, aged 10 – 18.

Easter bread, eggs, meat and goodies for all the children!

DREN HOME- “JOY”, 22 children, aged 4 – 17, some with disabilities. The institution is 60 km SW off Sofia.

We support 2 grannies on the Baba projects there supported by G.O.A.L. Inc. and IWC former members.

What a joy is to have colored eggs, lamb and Easter bread for the Easter diner!

DUPNITSA SOCIAL HOME:  19 children and adults, (14 at the CNST and 5 at the orphanage), aged 10 – 19 years. We have 3 grannies on the Baba project, one financed by the London Rotary Club, and the other two babas are supported by Mr. Marteen Luykx.

What a joy is to colour eggs, and have planty of Easter bread and meat for the Easter diner!

GORSKI SENOVETS DAY CARE Centre for young adults with heavy disabilities “LITTLE SUN” – 25 children, aged 12- 24. It is located 45 km off Veliko Tarnovo, NE Bulgaria. (300 km off Sofia)

The children and young people received eggs and   Easter packages.

MEZDRA  90 km NW  off Sofia– 7 Centres for accommodation of a family type for 55 children and young adults, most of them with heavy disabilities.

We distributed eggs, Easter bread, and goodies for all social units in Mezdra

PLEVEN INFANT HOME for Medico-Social Cares, 180 km NE off Sofia, (70 kids, aged 0-5, and some older   with heavy disabilities). They got a lot of chocolate, eggs, Easter bread, baby boosters and medicines. Tabitha Foundation provides for the home 3 physiotherapists, a neurologist, a speech therapist and 10 grannies , financed by GOAL Inc(UK), BAS and Broken Wall (US)

Eggs, chocolate treats and medicines!

CENTRE FOR ACCOMMODATION OF a FAMILY TYPE – in Samokov, 60 km south off Sofia, 12 children, aged 8-18.

We took to them eggs, colors, and Easter bread, meat, chocolates, salami and goodies.. Our foundation supports cooking lessons, literacy, and psychological training through BAS (US) and a granny through London Rotary Club.

Easter Bread, eggs and goodies. A bread for Tabitha’s team!                         Easter diner!

ROMAN COMPLEX for social services – 130 km NW off Sofia  – 60 children (30  children, aged

7-21, some with slight disabilities, accommodated in 2 CNSTs and a Transitional home. Some of the children are with slight disabilities. A  Day Care Centre for 30 disabled children from Roman region. We provide for them literacy lessons, 4 grannies on Baba program9Paid by GOAL Inc, BAS, Irish Appeal and Maarten Luykx , Bridge between generations, summer camps with volunteers.

Easter bread, eggs, food!                                Coloring the eggs is such a fun!

ROMAN CENTRES FOR ACCOMMODATION OF HADICAPPED CHILDREN (30 children with disabilities, aged 6-19). Most of the children and young people are heavily handicapped, mostly with mental disabilities

We brought them eggs, bread, goodies and they had a nice Easter feast.

STARA ZAGORA(230 km SE from Sofia–) “THEOPHANO POPOVA” HOME (12 children aged 7-19, few of them slightly retarded). We brought them eggs, colors, chocolates and a lot of meat for Easter.. We organize summer  camps with Dutch volunteers.                 

 STARA ZAGORA: 230 km east of Sofia– 7 Centres for accommodation of a family type – 70 children and young adults, aged 7-19, some with disabilities

Easter Bread, lamb meat, colors and goodies!

VRATZA HOME –Assen Zlatarov ,130 km NW off Sofia,(14 children, aged 7-20, few  with slight disabilities). At the institution we have been providing literacy, mathematic and English lessons and psychological training, financed by  Samen Delen Foundation – Brugem. We have a granny on Baba program financed by Corawill Inc (US.) We have Dutch and American volunteers every summer.

We brought eggs, colors and food for Easter!                                       The children colored the eggs.

VRATSA – CNST for children and young adults with disabilities – 45 people, accommodated in 4 small group houses. We have provided for them 3 baba, and a physiotherapist, supported by  BAS (US) and Rotary Club. Dutch and American volunteers also work with them in the summer.

Tabitha’s delivery.                                          Great joy to color and eat eggs for Easter.

VRATSA – Transitional home – 8 children and young adults, aged 15-18.


It is fun to prepare for the Easter holidays

VRATRA – Mother and Baby Unit – 5 people – mums and babies.

We provided eggs, Easter bread, meat and medicines for the pregnant mums.

STAR of HOPE – Protected house in Sofia – an apartment for 5 girls. Most of the young people who were accommodated in the apartment were brought up in the social institutions our foundation works with works. Some of the young people had participated in the educational and vocational programs we organized and thanks to the training and support they graduated from university.

Easter Bread!                             Coloring eggs is fun!                                                    Easter diner!

With gratitude from Tabitha Bulgaria Team!

  1. CNST – Centre for accommodation of a family type (small group houses) – 12-14 children Transitional house – for teenagers, due to leave the institutions, 8-10 youngsters Complex for social services (include CNST, Day Care Centre, Transitional house. Some of them include children with disabilities)

Roman:  the Complexes for social services for children in ( 2 TSNCT, Transitional house, Day care for disabled children), Day Care Centre MAX and Roman Complex for social services for disabled children (3CNST),   Vratsa:“A.Zlatarov”Home and the Complex for social services in Vratsa(three Centers  for accommodation of a family type and one transitional home);

Mezdra:Compelx for social services ( 5 TSNST and a transitional house)

Pleven,a Home for babies and disbled children 0- 7,8 years,

Sofia  a Protected house for young people who have left the orphanages: Star of Hope ( for girls);

Botevgrad:  two Centers for accommodations in Botevgrad ;

Samokov CNST; Dren: 2 CNSTs; Dupnitsa:  CNST for children with disabilities and Home for children deprived of parental cares,

Gorski Senovets: a Day care Center for young adults with  mental and physical disabilities/

Stara Zagora “Teophano Popova” Home, Club for retired people in Stara

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