Thank to the final support of the Bulgarian American Society (BAS) the under privileged children at the Centre for accommodation of a family type (14 children, aged 8-17, some of them a little retarded) in the town of Samokov (70 km off sought  of Sofia) enjoy  literacy, cooking and swimming lessons . The educational project has a very positive impact on the children’s personal development.  Initially some of the participants were almost illiterate. The lessons have helped the children learn to read and comprehend a text. Although they grumble about the efforts they have to make, they feel more confident at school. The children love their cooking sessions and have already learned to prepare not only fried eggs but also delicious pizzas, pancakes, birthday cakes, starters, meat and bread.  They prepared themselves the lamb dish and the Easter bread for the Easter diner. The swimming lessons are the children’s most relaxing and enjoyable time.


The teacher is very patent and understanding of their special  educational needs.

The cooking teacher puts a lot of heart in her work with the children and they are motivated to learn.

Swimming is the most relaxing and enjoyable free time for the children.