20 years later – Visit from Lage Germany
On the 5th of October we had an emotional reunion with one of our first donors from Germany: Frida and Harry Isaak from Lage. They started supporting Bulgaria 20 years ago and we were volunteers. In the early 1997 the situation in the orphanages in Bulgaria was heartbreaking – no food, miserable living conditions. The Group from Lage used to send us tones of good, clothes and food for the underprivileged children in Bulgaria. We named our foundation “Tabitha” after their Art Shop “Tabitha” because all the money it earned went for the needs of the destitute children and old people in Bulgaria.

It was great meeting Frieda and Harry after more than 10 years!Harry +Frida             Ivet, A, Frida +Hari + Kids                Harry, George +Frida             Hari with grapes. jpg           Harry and applesjpg

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