Before Christmas Tabitha Bulgaria Foundation was approached by a group of warm-hearted women from the International and local community, calling themselves “Secret Angels”. They united in the sublime act of sharing and giving by making personal presents to the children and young adults from the social homes in Dren (22 kids), Dupnitsa Centres (23), Roman (30 children and 25 elderly women), Samokov (12 children), Vratsa, A. Zlatarov Home (12), Vratsa Centre for moms and babies (11) and 5-member poor family from Zverino. The Secret angels did a marvelous job and made many underprivileged children and elderly happy for Christmas. The supporters also shopped food which we distributed to even more social institutions. Food for the Christmas and New Year’s diners was provided by Tabitha Bulgaria Foundation who distributed all presents and food to the homes.
We would like to thank: Michelle Woo and family, Lisa Freij, Lisa Huber and friends, Johanna Alcantara and her daughter Lia Marie , Gabriella Klassen, Sonja Petrova, Svetla Janakieva, Fatma Senem Ustun , Marietta, Souad Aljundi, Paromita Sanatani, Maya, Angela Bird, Angelina Makarieva, Lina Valcheva, Kristina Atanasova, Vessi Azar, their friends and families.
We much appreciated the great help of Coca- Cola Hellenic BSS Employees -Rufina Schmale , Anita Staudigl, Felipe Morris, Laila Marie Wooninck & friends, Dylan Ooijevaar, Jessica Wooninck, Barbara Gomez Fernando -Christ Banito -Michelle Tapales -Beverlyn Tapia-Todorov -Azzy Faustino,Josephine & Jhing, Kias Kitchen, Luisa Bandiola Winter, Lourdes.

Lia Maria making presents!    Lisa Freij with parts of the presents!   Albena with Tabitha’s van.                       The presents                    Distributing food to Borovan.         Giving food to Dren Center.                                                The children from Dupnitsa Center.
Freezer for the Social Complex in Roman.George is unloading the van in Roman.A girl and a boy from Dren Home with presents.A happy boy with a chocolate St.Clause.     Presents at Roman complex.Itso, who grew up at the orphanage in Gorski Senovets.

A poor family with 5 children from Zverino.The children from Samokov Center.The girls got some tattoo!                                                 The mothers and children from Vratsa Center for Moms and babies enjoying the beautiful presents at Christmas!

Giving presents to the children from Vratsa social home.                                Food donation to a Center in Stara Zagora.                     Giving presents to the senior women in Roman.
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