Roman orphanage

In 1999 ROMAN orphanage was accommodated in two miserable old buildings for 200 children, aged 7-19, with no heating or WC and bathroom inside. We turned it into a cozy home with small group apartments with new bathrooms, dining rooms with kitchenettes where each group takes their meals, TV room and nice bedroom.

“Theophano Popova”  in Stara Zagora

In 2006 “Theophano Popova” Home in STARA ZAGORA was almost in ruins, with broken windows and doors and just one bathroom. We set up small group apartments with nice bedrooms for 3-4 kids, living rooms, dining rooms with kitchenettes. We changed the old bathrooms and the laundry space into modern units and bougth a new industrial laundry machine. Now the children enjoy a beautiful home with all fascilities.


When we first visited PLEVEN medico-social home it was a miserable place with over 230 babies and disabled children. We renovated the Ward for heavily disabled kids, Ward 3 for small kids, the kitchen, the room for physiotherapy and set up a sensory room. The sanitary authorities closed down the kitchen in Pleven Home because of low standards and the kids were left without meals until we renovated it.


The orphanage in DOGANOVO for 48 children, aged 7-19, had enormous dormitories which we divided into smaller, cozier bedrooms, each with a bathroom. We set up a new living room, heating system, computer hall and entertainment hall.

”Nezabravka Orphanage” in Stara Zagora

In the last couple of years, two wings of” Nezabravka Orphanage” in STARA ZAGORA for small kids 3-7 years were renovated into a small group apartments with WC and showers, dining rooms and kitchenettes, bedrooms for 2 -3 kids and spacious living rooms.


The old toilet in RASLIV orphanage, 45 children, aged 7 – 18, was just two holes in the ground, outside the main building. We built a new WC and renovated their living room and computer hall.


The Home in VRATSA for 60 children, aged 7-19, was renovated in three stages and the roof and façade were refurbished by the local municipality. We transformed every floor by giving more personal space to the kids, new bathrooms and play rooms.

Roman-Day Care for Old People

We turned the old bus station in ROMAN into a cozy and bright Day Care for Old People

Tsvetanka house

Thanks to our donors from MAX foundation (NL) a brand new, comfortable mobile house was provided for old Tsvetanka from Kurnovo village to replace her heart breaking house. She was all alone in the world for her family had died and there was no one to take care of her.