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Easter has always been one of our favorite holidays and the children and young adults at the social institutions love it. In 2024 we got a donation from Promotie Foundation which allowed us to launch the regular Tabitha Easter campaign.  We provided Easter Bread, eggs, colors and chocolate goodies to over 600 children, young adults at the social homes in Botevgrad, Roman, Mezdra, Vratsa, Borovan, Pleven, Dren Dupnitsa, Saomokov, Stara Zagora and Sofia. The last couple of years were rather turbulent because of the very high inflation over 30%, the war in Ukraine and the conflict in the Middle East.     However, thanks to the commitment and generosity of our donors we managed to provide an enjoyable Easter for the children and young adults at the social institutions which Tabitha Bulgaria Foundation has been supporting for years.

We are grateful to Stichting Promotie (NL) for their understanding and commitment to the Easter holiday. It has been more than 15 years that they have supported the social institutions in Bulgaria for Christmas and Easter. We would like to express our personal gratitude to Mr. Maarten Koel, who never failed to cheer up the the less fortunate children in Bulgaria at such holy days.  We would like to acknowledge the active help of Tabitha Netherlands Foundation and the personal involvement of its Board.


We greatly appreciated the financial help

The execution of the project was done by Tabitha Bulgaria Foundation team who speared no time or efforts to provide the social homes with all the necessary goods for a happy Easter.

A lot of shopping                                                     

More than 600 underprivileged children and young adults from more than 30 social institutions benefited trough Tabitha’s Easter campaign 2024We provided Easter goods to social homes, social complexes, Day Care-centers for disable children and CNSTs in Botevgrad, Borovan, Dren, Dupnista, Gorski Senovets, Mezdra, Pleven, Roman, Samokov, Star of Hope Foundation, Stara Zagora, and Vratsa. In the Eve of Easter, we managed to cheer up the dismal existence of many children and adults in need.

Happy smiling kids with colored eggs, Easter bread and presents!

Tabitha’s campaign also included some elder people participating in the project Bridge between generations from Roman   and a Pensioners ‘Club in Stara Zagora and also 50 destitute senior people from Roman and the region.

The elder people from Roman and Stara Zagora got presents and food for the holidays.

Tabitha’s  Easter campaign included the following social institutions:

 BOTEVGRAD – TWO CENTRES FOR ACCOMMODATION of DISABLED CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS (60 km off Sofia)23 children and young people with serious mental and physical disabilities.

We have been supporting the two Centers with two grannies on our Baba program, financed by London Rotary and Lisa Freij’s family.  We brought them Easter bread, eggs, colors and lamb.

Lamb for the Easter diner Fun coloring eggs!               Beautifully decorated eggs and tasty meal.!

BOROVAN:  NW 150 km off Sofia – Two Centres for accommodation of a family type – 22 children and young adults, aged 10 – 18.

Easter bread, eggs, meat and goodies for all the children! Beautifully colored eggs!


BOROVAN – Center for support of personal development (Day Care Center for socially neglected children) Masha Belmostakova and children from low-income families 150 children, aged 8-15.

Chocolate goods and juices          Easter Celebration!

DREN HOME- “JOY”, 22 children, aged 4 – 18, some with disabilities. The institution is 60 km SW off Sofia.

A lot of food and Easter Bread for the holidays

DUPNITSA SOCIAL HOMES:  33 children and adults, aged 8 – 19 years (CNST for disabled children – 14 children, CNST  -12  and 8 at the transitional home). We have 3 grannies on the Baba project, one financed by the London Rotary Club, and the other two are supported by Mr. Marteen Luykx.

Lot’s of food, eggs and Easter bread       Coloring eggs is a great fun

MEZDRA  90 km NW off Sofia– 5 Centers for accommodation of a family type for 56 children and young adults, most of them with heavy disabilities.

The children are happy with cheese, salami, Easter Bread! Wonderful Easter dinner!

MEZDRA KINDERGARTEN “MIR”:  68 children, aged 3-7 with many children from destitute families –from  poor local villages.

We brought Easter bread, eggs and chocolate treats and books and notebooks.

PLEVEN INFANT HOME for Medico-Social Cares, 180 km NE off Sofia, (70 kids, aged 0-5, and some older with heavy disabilities). They got a lot of chocolate, eggs, Easter bread, baby boosters and medicines. Tabitha Foundation provides for the home 3 physiotherapists, a neurologist, a speech therapist, financed by GOAL Inc(UK) and BAS.

What a fun is to have a lot of eggs, tasty Easter bread amd chocolate goodies!

ROMAN COMPLEX for social services – 130 km NW off Sofia – 60 children (30 children, aged 7-21, some with slight disabilities, accommodated in 2 CNSTs and a Transitional home and a Day Care Centre for 30 disabled children from Roman region. We provided for them literacy lessons, 3 grannies on Baba program, paid by BAS, Irish Appeal and Maarten Luykx, very popular Bridge between generations project and summer camps with volunteers.

Easter bread!  Coloring eggs is such a fun!   Eggs coloring completion!

ROMAN CENTRES FOR ACCOMMODATION OF HADICAPPED CHILDREN (30 children with physical and mental disabilities, aged 6- 19). Most of the children and young people are heavily handicapped, mostly with mental problems.

We brought them eggs; bread, goodies and they had a nice Easter feast.

SAMOKOV – CENTRE FOR ACCOMMODATION OF A FAMILY TYPE – 12 children, aged 4-18, some 60 km off Sofia .We brought them eggs, colors, and Easter bread, chocolate goodies. Our foundation provides for the children cooking lessons, literacy, and psychological training through BAS (US) and two grannies, financed by Rotary Serdica Sofia and a group of foreign ladies who used to live in Bulgaria

We brought them Easter bread and presents.     What a fun to make their own Easter Bread

STARA ZAGORA: 230 km east of Sofia  CNST–  5 CNST,  protected house under the management of Mr.Bahov. Every summer a group of Dutch volunteers visit Stara Zagora and try to help with renovations and play with the children

STARA ZAGORA:   7 Centers for accommodation of a family type – 90 children and young adults,

aged 7-25, some with disabilities under the management of Mrs.Nellie Badjakova. Every summer a group of Dutch volunteers visit Stara Zagora and try to help with renovations and play with the children.

Easter Bread, lamb meat, colors and goodies!

VRATZA Social homes,130 km NW off Sofia, (23 children, aged 7-18, few  with slight disabilities and a transitional home).  financed by Samen Delen Foundation – Bruchem.

We brought eggs, colors and food for Easter!      The children colored the eggs.

 VRATSA –  Transitional house for young adults who are due to leave the institution in 3-4 years.,

We provide some lessons for them to be able to pass their final exams before leaving. We brought them Easter Bread and goodies and personal cosmetic presents.

Wonderful holidays with tasty food and personal presents.


Tabitha’s delivery.   Great joy to color and eat eggs for Easter.

VRATRA – Mother and Baby Unit – 5 moms and babies. Some of the moms and kids have suffered from domestic violence and are very traumatized. SEWA and members of the association fundraised money and we were able to provide food for the moms and kids not only for Easter but also for their daily needs. Their budget is really tiny and they cannot manage without the help of donors.

We are grateful to the many moms who sent clothes and diapers for the babies through a campaign.

We provided eggs, Easter bread, meat, drinks, fruit and salads.

STAR of HOPE – Protected house in Sofia for 5 girls. Most of the young girls who were accommodated in the house were brought up in the social institutions which our foundation supported. Some of the young people had participated in the educational and vocational programs we organized and thanks to the training and support they finished school and got profession.

The girls are very happy !     Preparing for Easter        Beautiful eggs!

With gratitude from Tabitha Bulgaria Team!

CNST – Centre for accommodation of a family type (small group houses) – 12-14 children Transitional house – for teenagers, due to leave the institutions, 8-10 youngsters Complex for social services (include CNST, Day Care Centre, Transitional house. Some of them include children with disabilities)

Roman:  the Complexes for social services for children in ( 2 CNCT, Transitional house, Day care for disabled children), Day Care Centre MAX and Roman Complex for social services for disabled children (3CNST),

Vratsa: 2 CNSTs for children, 3 CNST for children with disabilities, 2 transitional homes and a protectded house.   the Complex for social services in Vratsa(three Centers  for accommodation of a family type and one transitional home);

Mezdra:Compelx for social services ( 5 CNST and a transitional house)

Pleven,a Home for babies and disbled children 0- 7,8 years,

Sofia  a Protected house for young people who have left the orphanages: Star of Hope ( for girls);

Botevgrad:  two Centers for accommodations in Botevgrad ;

Samokov CNST;

Dren: 2 CNSTs;

Dupnitsa:  2 CNST for children with and without disabilities and Protected house,

Stara Zagora 7 CNST and a transitional home, Club for retired people in Stara